There’s been an upgrade to the world’s strongest coffee


There’s a new clear winner for the strongest coffee in the world title, which is great because sleep is for the weak anyway.

48 hours on London’s Clapham High Street

Now I love coffee, but the thought of Black Insomnia, the world’s strongest coffee is daunting, to say the least.

Just one cup of this coffee contains more than twice your recommended daily limit of caffeine, with a whopping 58.5mg per fluid ounce – that’s 702mg for a 12-ounce cup.

To put this in perspective, a Starbucks brew usually sits at around 21.25mg per fluid ounce and a Green Tea at 3.1mg.

With the tagline #SleepingIsCheating – this blend boasts a serious charge, so serious that it’s sitting at number 1 in a collection of the ‘Most Dangerous Caffeinated Products’ on the consumer information website, Caffeine Informer.

Death Wish, formerly the strongest coffee in the…

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