Accounting News Roundup: Non-competes and Marijuana Accounting Jobs | 07.17.17


This New York Times story reports on Idaho’s unusual place within a major labor issue: The Gem State is more accommodating to non-compete agreements, making it easier for businesses to sue employees who leave for a competitor.

Non-competes have always struck me as a strange tactic; in a way, it’s a business’s way of admitting that you’re unlikely to work there forever, so the non-compete is the punishment individuals for being disloyal. The other side of the argument is that non-competes can also protect a company’s legitimate business interests. For certain employees, this may make sense, but the vast majority of workers don’t possess all of a company’s proprietary information and have the right to seek an employment based on their skills and expertise.

Of course, there’s another proactive way to discourage employees from leaving for a competitor…

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