Daily Archive: Thursday, July 6, 2017

A summer on the run: Youth track and field numbers rise

WINSLOW — A group of 11 little boys slapped numbers on their hips, tugged nervously at their shirts and shorts, and gazed out at the track surrounding them with puffed-out chests and false bravado. All of them standing knee-high to a grasshopper and none of them older than 8-years-old, they were about to run the

Indigenous Aussie scholar Nathan Pitt walks old road to Rome

Rome: In 1849 a young boy left a Western Australian monastery on an extraordinary journey. His mentors believed he would be the first Indigenous missionary but he died, homesick, in an ancient abbey. This week his memory has finally been honoured.  Francis Xavier Conaci was part of a bold Benedictine experiment: he was to be trained