Daily Archive: Friday, June 16, 2017

Feel The Power With Tractor Games

Farm life and tractors are closely related. Kids who grow up on farms develop an early affinity towards this indispensable vehicle and loyal friend of the farmer. Even kids who are used to the urban lifestyle have a definite bias towards tractors as toys. Perhaps, tractors do deserve all the adulation for doing difficult agricultural

New Mix: Analog Transmission No. 1 (45s)

This week’s mix is the first in a new mix series in which we only feature vinyl and cassette format. The first comprises entirely of vinyl 7″ singles/EPs. The geeky bit: The mix was recorded using Audio-Technica AT-LP5 using the built-in phono stage and USB output. I may use an external phono Stage next time, just for comparison.

What did Dad teach you? – Orange County Register

From left, Erica Brewer-Crandall, her father Tollie Ronald Brewer and her sister Veronica Reynolds. Erica got married at the Little Chapel of the West in Las Vegas, which was the same chapel her parents married in 1969. (Photo courtesy of Erica Brewer-Crandall) Knott’s Berry Farm in 2006. Pictured are my father Tollie Ronald Brewer and